Mission Statement

Jazz Lives Philadelphia is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to celebrate jazz music through performance, education and community outreach. At Jazz Lives Philadelphia, we work diligently to bring musicians and communities together through swing through our educational initiatives and public performances. We believe jazz music transcends our differences while celebrating them. We believe that jazz music has the power to open the minds of young people and to allow people to express themselves as they see fit.

"Jazz music transcends our differences while celebrating them."


In October of 2014, six Temple University students came together with an idea to create an organization to lift the Philadelphia jazz scene into the eyes of the average Philadelphian and pave the way for jazz education in the public school system. At that meeting, Jazz Lives Philadelphia was born. The co-founders developed a business model that included performance programs for the public and an education program to reach children both in and out of the band room, all the while involving the communities and neighborhoods of Philadelphia. With performance and education programs bringing together the community of Philadelphia, the JLP team has expanded their programs at a rapid pace. In our 1st season alone, our educational initiatives reached over 500 students ranging ages 6-18, and our performance programs have reached over 1,000 people.
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