Artist Check-In: Resources for Artists

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        During these unprecedented times, the COVID-19 pandemic has turned from just a health crisis into an economic one as well. Starting today, we will be updating this list of resources for artists as well as keeping you up-to-date on efforts to help artists during this pandemic. Below you can find a […]

Album Spotlight: Alexandre Delcourt – To My Brothers

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  Bassist Alex Delcourt has made quite the impression on the Philadelphia Jazz Scene since his relocation from his native town of Gallius, France. He is loved by all in the city of brotherly love and has quickly made Philly into his second home. His debut album, To My Brothers, is a true testament to […]

Review: Jazz Venues in Philly

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Whether you’re new to the city or just interested in our opinion, we’ve compiled a list of a few jazz venues in the city with a short description and rating. For a compete list of venues that have jazz music, please click here (link to reference page). Thank you for supporting live music!   South […]

The Importance of Jazz Education Today

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As someone who has had the privilege of studying music on a daily basis, it is hard to fathom a world where music education is not a part of our daily lives. However, for many students today, this is not the case. From the rising costs of living to cuts in arts programs nationwide, more […]


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A Letter To Our Readers: Thank you for joining us in our blog section! Here we will post updates, interviews with artists, reviews, guest blogger articles, and more. Through this blog, we hope to curate and present meaningful content that works to improve the connection between musicians and the community of Philadelphia. To be notified […]